Our Experience in Construction.

We have been collaborating with our clients for more than 9 years to execute a construction plan that is seamless and robust, and meets deadlines and budget constraints. Our in-house team comprises Quantity Surveyors, Engineers, Foremen, Carpenters, and Plant Operators who manage all phases of construction, including construction management, demolition, civil works, and construction.

We continuously invest in our equipment, technology, and facilities, which enables us to undertake most aspects of the construction process. Our team members are our greatest assets, and we ensure they receive the necessary training and assistance to execute high-quality projects and work in a pleasant environment. We are capable of delivering a wide range of horizontal and vertical construction projects, and our expertise in the energy sector enables us to carry out intricate and multi-disciplinary construction projects.

More About Us
  • Professional Liability

    We place significant emphasis on maintaining a safe, tidy, and orderly construction site throughout the entire project. Additionally, we exercise careful control over who has access to the work areas. We collaborate closely with the site staff to reduce the possibility of any disturbances.

  • Dedicated To Our Clients

    We are committed to building a sustainable future by collaborating with our clients.

  • Outstanding Services

    Our team has the necessary skills to perform construction and upgrade projects on retail sites that are currently operational. We develop and implement plans that ensure business operations remain uninterrupted and that public disruptions are minimized


Planning & Research

We create documents that outline the essential elements of a construction project, including the required activities, resources, schedule, and budget.


Design & Ideas

Our main focus is on developing or adapting designs for construction projects, which involves producing drawings, design specifications, and budgetary requirements.


Specialized Projects

Our top priority is to construct buildings that accommodate chemical, medical, or power generation facilities. Additionally, we ensure that all design specifications are comprehensively understood and accurately executed


Final Outputs

We define the complete scope of work for a project, as well as the charges to be levied on clients for building and civil engineering services performed during the relevant period. This amount excludes payments made to subcontractors and any applicable value-added tax (VAT).


What Our Clients Says


Experts in Building Construction.

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Dawhenya A.R.S Street, Accra-Ghana, GN-0433-4616

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